Transforming Lives Through YOUR Generosity!

Learn how the generosity shown by CCA’s community is equipping current and future students with a Christ-centered education, 资源, and opportunities that will serve as an anchor in their faith journey. As you take a look back with us and reminisce on God’s faithfulness, we hope you’ll also dream with us about the growth that is to come!

The impact of a Christ-centered education extends far beyond the school years. 它会延伸到成年期, 制定决策, 值, and purpose that our students carry with them throughout their lives.

When someone invests in Calvary Christian Academy, they are ultimately investing in children’s futures, equipping them with a faith-based education, 资源, and opportunities that will serve as an anchor in their journey.

Learn how the generosity shown by CCA’s community is impacting the lives of current and future students, and discover how you can get involved in advancing our school for the Gospel!

A special thank you to sponsors like HCA Healthcare and American Van Lines who have made it possible to further our mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ.

The CCA General Fund Enhances Eight Critical Areas:

  • 学术服务
  • 创新 & 技术
  • 门徒训练计划
  • 教师发展
  • 艺术 & 体育运动
  • 设备升级
  • 俱乐部 & 社会
  • 学费援助

Total Funds Raised in 2022-23: $1,718,209

  • Capital Campaign for both Fieldhouse and Scene Shop: $768,440
  • Kaye Taylor Scholarship/学费援助: $72,180
  • CCA拍卖: $405,000
  • Eagle-Thon: $187,947
  • CCA一般: $284,642

Funds raised in 2022-23 have enabled CCA to make the following advancements to the campus and student experience:

  • Additional security personnel
  • School Pass – safety enhancement for digital check in and check out
  • 美术场景店开业
  • 55 NewLine interactive boards in classrooms to finish outfitting all classrooms
  • 更新的游乐场设备
  • New and improved math curriculum
  • LunchTab lunch management system
  • New golf cart to transport athletes and students from the fields to the nurse as needed
  • New displays for student work in 中学 area
  • New flooring for 中学 science classrooms
  • Additional student lockers to meet the increase in enrollment
  • Wrapping up Calvary Fieldhouse construction (set to open this year!)
  • 即将到来的 – Airnasium covering the Basketball Courts and Pickleball Courts for Physical Education Classes and more!

Artistic rendering of Airnasium building

Calvary Christian Academy Sponsor

We are so incredibly thankful for the many families and supporters who go above and beyond to elevate our students’ experiences through their generosity. Your generosity makes a lasting impact on the lives of current CCA students and all those who come after them.

We are humbled to look back and see how God has moved in the hearts of our community and look forward to all that He will continue to do! As we listen for the Lord’s leading and move forward with the vision He has for Calvary Christian Academy, we are excited to continue to expand and upgrade spaces for education and discipleship.

If you have a heart to give to Christian education, please contact Jennifer Aluart at Any donation made between now and September 30, 2023 will be DOUBLED (up to $200,000); visit 了解更多!

Calvary Christian Academy Sponsor




  • School 俱乐部: Time Well Spent

    Feeling like your time has been wasted can be frustrating, 不仅仅是成年人, 但对青少年来说也是如此. However, there are many things worth investing time in – school, family, church, hobbies… and clubs! 麦迪逊曼努埃尔, a 12th grade student at CCA 劳德代尔堡, shares the benefits that school clubs have to offer students and highlights clubs offered across CCA’s campuses.
  • 墨西哥传教之旅回忆录

    Ever wondered what a day-in-the-life of a student missionary looks like? Thea Young – an 11th grade student at CCA 劳德代尔堡 – shares her daily experiences from the Mexico Mission Trip she got to take part in this semester with other CCA juniors. Learn how serving internationally changed her perspective and led to spiritual growth, and how you can get involved in global missions!
  • Money Matters: Developing Students’ Financial Literacy

    Financial literacy is a crucial life skill that empowers individuals to make informed decisions about money management, 投资, 以及对未来的规划. This National Financial Literacy Month, learn how CCA 劳德代尔堡 and Hollywood high schoolers are being equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently navigate the complexities of personal finance from a biblical perspective.

  • Revival in the Valley: Honoring the Legacy of Selah Mathew

    Has loss or pain ever led you to doubt God’s goodness? 你并不孤单. 在圣经中, we see examples of godly men and women who brought their questions and grief to the Lord. This is exactly what CCA 高中 students have been encouraged to do in response to the passing of one of their peers – Selah Mathew. Learn how Selah’s legacy and her family’s steadfast faith has sparked a spiritual revival at CCA 劳德代尔堡.


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