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CCA welcomes homeschool students to try out for our athletic teams!

Your child's athletic passions and talents don't need to be sacrificed with a decision to homeschool. Partnering with Calvary Christian Academy means you never have to. Our athletics program for homeschoolers enables your family to balance the demands of talent with education.

CCA is committed to ministering to home school families who desire to have their student-athletes participate in a Christ-centered athletic program. To be accepted, homeschool student-athletes and their families must go through the same admissions process as full-time students, including academic review and family interview.

Homeschool student-athletes will be held to the same academic, spiritual, and social standards as CCA students and must maintain those standards for participation.

Policies for Participation

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  • Homeschool Ratio

    CCA has instituted the following homeschool participation ratio policy for all interscholastic athletic teams:


    Roster Limit

    Home School Limit

    Cross Country152
    Swimming & Diving6010
    Track & Field6010
    Volleyball – Indoor152
    Volleyball – Beach101

    If you have questions please contact the Athletics Department.
  • Senior Transfers

    To transfer as a senior home school athlete, applicants must demonstrate that they were home schooled during their junior year.
  • Participation Fee

    The participation fee of $1,250 is due prior to participation of any kind (pre-season, tryouts, etc.). Should a child not make the team, a refund will be issued upon written request.

    In addition to athletic participation, homeschool student-athletes are also invited to participate in the Homecoming Social. Additional student life activities are for CCA students enrolled full-time only.

List of 4 members.

  • Keith Huisman 

    Athletics Director
    (954) 905-5167
  • Kirk Hoza 

    Assistant Athletic Director
    (954) 905-5145
  • Andrew Anderson 

    Assistant Athletic Director
  • Cilk McSweeney 

    Athletic Facilities Coordinator
    (954) 905-5152

Home School families should submit the FHSAA EL7 form as soon as possible to avoid last-minute issues that may jeopardize student athlete eligibility.