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The School Counseling Team exists to provide parents and students with the support they need to discover God's next step for their academic pursuits and personal development. We work with students individually to help them identify strengths, priorities, and interests in order to find the best match during their college search. Through workshops, informational meetings, and college fairs, we help parents navigate the college application process alongside their student. Spiritual and social guidance are also integrated into our counseling approach to help students mature spiritually and socially.

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  • William Ortiz 

    Lead School Counselor
    (954) 905-5162
  • Natalie Talpesh 

    School Counselor 9th Grade Girls & 10th Grade Girls
    (954) 905-5263
  • Clifford Mack 

    School Counselor 11th & 12th (A-K)
    (954) 905-5107
  • Joan Ramsay 

    School Counselor 11th & 12th (L-Z)
    (954) 905-5140
  • Christina Williams 

    Middle School Counselor
    (954) 905-5125

Freshman & Sophomore Years

The primary goal for underclassmen is to establish a strong academic plan that will be the foundation for their future college planning. These early high school years are vital to determine the academic track that is best suited for the individual needs and interests of the student. Counselors help challenge and direct toward students toward a rigorous but realistic academic plan.

Junior & Senior Years

While continuing on their academic plan, specific college planning details are formulated collaboratively between the student, parent, and school counselor. Action steps are created after discussion of the vital factors that contribute to college selection such as location, academic programs, the student’s ideal career focus, and size and type of college. Counselors equip and empower students to take initiative and lead this ongoing process of college admissions.

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